WISE Updates Newsletter | May 2019

New WISE Blog Post: Integrating Energy Code into the BITA Program
Read more about the BITA program and its efforts to integrate energy code training and activities. Interested in learning how BITA is training the next generation? Visit California Homebuilding Foundation for more information.

Industry Updates

Partner Highlight: West Coast SIPs
Tight envelopes are crucial to achieving high efficiency building, being green and meeting the required energy mandates. Learn how West Coast SIPs can help buildings be smart, green and strong. Visit West Coast SIPs for information on their structural insulation panel solutions.

Product Spotlight: What are SIPs?
Get the details on how structural insulated panels are advancing energy-efficient construction. For more information and added benefits of building with SIPS, visit the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA).

Training Updates
The WISE website features a training and event calendar with information on training opportunities throughout California. Upcoming events include:

  • May 29: Portal to California’s 2019 Energy Code Enforcement – Aptos, CA
  • May 29 – 31: PCBC – San Francisco, CA
  • May 31: PCBC Session: How to Meet California’s “High Performance Walls and Attic” Requirements – San Francisco, CA
  • June 12: How to Design and Build High Performance Walls and Roofs – San Francisco, CA

Stay tuned for more WISE training! To see the full calendar of events, visit WiseWarehouse.org.

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