Above Deck Solutions


Organization Description Solution Page Contact
GAF Cornell Nail base insulated roof panels http://www.cornellcorporation.com Helene Pierce
GreenHybrid Roofing Insulated roof tiles http://www.ensoltisghr.com/gallery/resources.html Lawrence Penner
Johns Manville Roofdeck polyiso foam sheathing http://www.jm.com/en/home-insulation/products/foam-boards-sheathing/r-panel Marty Crouse
Premier SIPS OSB with rigid foam insulated core http://premiersips.com/builders-professionals Phil Ligon
R-Max Above rafter insulated roof decking with closed cell polyiso foam https://www.rmax.com/residential-roof-applications/ Steve Dubin
Wedge-It Above deck roof insulation made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam http://wedgeit.net/about-wedge-it Gary Smith