Blog Post: Knauf R-38 Insulation Installation + Video

August 14, 2018 | Pebble Beach, CA 

By: Megan Cordes

To further the WISE goal of exploring available options for compliance with high performance attic (HPA) requirements in California, several members of the WISE team attended one of the first installations of the Knauf R-38 below deck insulation product for unvented attics on August 14. During the installation it was exciting to watch the crew – who had never installed this product but has significant experience installing a variety of insulation solutions – quickly learn the specifics for this product and adjust their installation procedures accordingly. Another great aspect of this event was to see the interaction of various products that contribute to the efficiency of a HPA. A Zehnder heat recovery ventilator (HRV) was installed.  This required several pipes running through the area where the insulation would be installed. We discussed and developed the protocol for installing insulation around products that penetrate the HPA insulation. We also discussed the air barrier membrane used to provide air sealing up to the top plate (Henry Blueskin) and the air sealing applied above the top plate (Ecoseal).

The installation technique for this fiberglass batt allows the insulation to exceed the framing depth with no compression ensuring full thermal performance. The installation is labor efficient and makes QII easily attainable. A pneumatic or cordless stapler is used to install the 24”X48” integrated roof deck (IRD) fiberglass batts directly underneath the roof deck using six staples per batt in a specified stapling pattern. The full 24” width creates a uniform layer of continuous insulation and provides a thermal break beneath the truss top chord.

The WISE team was accompanied by a videographer who captured all the details. Stay tuned to the WISE website for the finished product!