Blog Post: New HPA and HPW Products – Hercuwall and Tstud show promise for CA market

Author: Jeremy Silva

In an effort to continue to bring new solutions to the industry for High Performance Walls and Attics (HPA & HPW) the WISE team has been reaching out to new manufactures to identify new products that can be used to achieve HPA & HPW. A few new products that are not currently available for the California market but once available can help builders reach HPA & HPW requirements are Hercuwall and Tstud.

Hercuwall is a concrete-reinforced panelized wall system that allows builders to build faster while eliminating wood framing for the walls and limiting thermal bridging. The panels arrive at the job site numbered and ready to be install.

Tstuds are thermally broken insulated wall studs assembly that can be used in exterior walls and party walls. It is a new engineered building product that uses two lumber members, an internal truss system, and a frothed-in-place closed-cell foam providing thermal break through the wall framing assembly.

If you would like to know more about the new and existing products that WISE is researching, please reach out to the WISE team.