BITA high school students learn HPA and HPW practices, thanks to WISE

Author: Allison Paul, CIRB Research Director (

The Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) is four-year high school construction trades program provided by the California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF), currently active in 29 campuses throughout the state.

BITA curriculum offers a well-rounded approach to construction training and exposure to various industry niches, but only recently has high performance attic (HPA) and wall (HPW) insulation been incorporated into the lesson plans.

This month, WISE will host two all-day trainings, including the provision of lesson plans, worksheets, and assessments for BITA instructors to fully implement building science and HPA/W into the existing curriculum.

BITA students will put their knowledge to the test at the annual Home Builders’ Council (HBC) Design/Build competition at Reliable Wholesale lumber in Huntington Beach on April 6-7th, competing in a two-day build project that mimics the “real-world” jobsite pressures of teamwork, inspections, precision, and deadlines.

Design/Build has incorporated HPA and HPW practices into their 2019 competition instructions, and BITA students will have the best preparation, courtesy of WISE training efforts.

With the help of WISE, BITA will soon become the industry’s most forward-thinking trades program for students to enter the workforce with thorough and applicable knowledge of efficiency code standards in California residential construction.

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