Manufacturer Benefits

High Performance Attic (HPA) and High Performance Wall (HPW) construction practices will soon become prescriptive requirements in California’s 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, creating challenges for the state’s homebuilding industry. The WISE program is designed to help accelerate learning and implementation of high performance building by training workers and providing a platform for the exchange of best practices and solutions from industry experts.

Proper Product Installation: Participation in the WISE program ensures that builders are using and installing the products correctly, increasing product satisfaction and performance.

Builder Feedback: During the field trainings the builders are able to ask questions and provide feedback. The builders will see how the product should be installed and will be able to bring up installation situations that may not have been thought of. This interaction will allow builders to experiment with new technologies and new combinations of technologies that will lead to manufacturer product advancement.

Product Recognition Manufacturers are invited to provide the training on their products and give builders a firsthand look at what products are available. This gives the builder experience with the product, as opposed to mainly relying on product literature. This will allow the products to stand out in the builder’s mind when making selections.

Builder Contacts: NProviding trainings to the builders helps build a line of communication. Builders will have a main contact that they can work with when selecting a product or if additional questions come up. The manufacturers will also be able to distribute new product information when it becomes available.

Home Owner Comfort: Providing training on how to properly install products will result in an overall better built home. This will lower the cost of home ownership due to the more efficient home envelope designs.

SReduce Warranty Claims: Participation ensures that builders will be properly trained on the installation of the new products required to meet stricter codes. This increase in installation knowledge may result in
fewer claims resulting from improper installation.